Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is who I am

You could say that I exhibit procrastination tendencies...
If I can put it off, I most likely WILL put it off...

Case in point:
Waaaay back in July, I purchased a groupon for $50 on  The plan was to make a photobook for each of the kids, from birth on.  The coupon expires on January 31...have I even started on the photobooks for either of them?  Well, I could go on to provide a handful of excuses but the answer at the end comes to NO.  No I have not.  So now only a few days away from my deadline, I'm scrambling to weed through the remainder of old picture files of the kids {remember when I told you about how our pictures were deleted...twice}  So I'm separating my faves into 2 folders.  One for boy and one for girl.  In hopes of making my book making process easier.

Ok, that's not why I started this post.  During my photo search, I remembered that I forgot to share pictures of our beach trip in the fall.  So I thought I would do that now... enjoy!  

{Plus I feel really guilty for all the terrible non-focused pictures as of late...these are better, I promise...well, if you like looking at cute kids that is...well, I think they're cute (in my totally non-biased opinion) I could literally eat.them.up. any day of the week.}

What kind of mother would I be if I didn't share this great shot?!
In case you are wondering, what are those crazy kids looking at?...
after showering off, they saw a leaf that looked
{this picture will go into BOTH of their photo-books, wahahaha}

There were hundreds of dragonflies racing by and see that beautiful sunset?  I got to paint that!  It was beautiful...the sunset, not my painting.  My painting

Uncle Pat reading to the kids

Our last day :(

I can not WAIT to go back to the beach!  This house was perfect for us!  Hopefully next time, the other half of the family wont be having babies and being busy, and we'll all be able to go together :)


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Mommy said...

Girl, you know my new moto, "Embrace and make NO excuses for who you are"! Procrastination and all...