Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My Colors arrived, YAY!

I can't say which is my favorite, but I'm especially in love with the Violet, Cerise, Sea Green, Turquoise, and Orange Red.

I'm slowing working my way through this shop of 96 colors.  One day I'll make it :)

So I'm officially sick today.  I've been feeling slightly sick all week, but now, yeah, it's official.
E is home from school for his second day in a row.  I wish his slight fever and cough would go away.
They are really putting a damper on his learning time.  You know when your kids are sick but they don't lose their energy?  Yeah, I've been dealing with that for the past week.  It's like the sickness gives them a dose of crazy that's not normally there.  They run around, sniff, cough, rest for a while, run around, sniff, cough...it's getting old.  Kids are so much easier to feel pity for when they are playing the part.  Laying around, being pitiful and quiet...that brings out the nurturing mommy in me...this stuff, brings out the crazy in me!

So remember last week when I said that I had a week left to get my photo books made?  
Weeell, after I took a break from my photo organizing to blog about it, I ended up taking a much longer break than planned....the break ended last night.  So I stayed up way late yesterday and am wasting my day today trying to get these guys made.  I have WAY too many pictures!!  And the upload time is driving me insane.

So ta ta, good day, farewell, till next time!


Marlan said...

sorry you are sick. Love the interview.

Candi said...

the colors are beautiful! hope you are feeling better soon!