Wednesday, January 11, 2012

They're Here!

Today the postlady dropped off a special package to our front door.

Remember our totally awesome photo-shoot that I won in October?

Well, I fell in love with every picture and wanted to order each and every one of them.

They arrived today on our doorstep and even the packaging was awesome.
I am all about packaging.  Call me a package fanatic, from the box to the envelope to the color of ink, every minor detail is appreciated by  ->this<-  girl.

She even used cute tape!
 So I grabbed a knife and proceeded to tear {very carefully} into my package...completely forgetting to take pictures.  She had everything so cute and perfect and I ripped it apart trying to get at the goodies inside.  A few hours later, I remembered to take pictures, so I tried to put it all back together, but somewhere in my angst I lost the other cute ribbons that tied the look all together and forgot the proper layout, but take my word, it was super cute and perfect. 
{And I'm keeping the boxes}

Want to see some of what I ordered?

This picture refuses to turn the right way :/

I know my pictures are terrible...sorry, it's night and these were taken on my table with no flash...yeah, I know, sorry.  You'll just have to come over once I get them all into frames and on the wall, and admire them with me.

I am SO happy to finally have a Family Portrait and to have an awesome wall of family photos!

Faces In Focus, thank you, you.are.amazing.
I think I'm like your biggest fan.

And to all of you out there looking for an awesome photographer, look no further, they are here.

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Marlan said...

Can't wait to see them.