Sunday, January 1, 2012

 My little sister came over for a visit on Thursday!
I rarely get to see her, but she is a major favorite in this house.
In fact, if I want any special time with her, I have to leave the kids behind and take her somewhere.
KennaKat lives snuggled in her lap, and if she wasn't playing games with one of them, then she was reading to them.  You are such a great Aunt JB!

When I picked her up on Thursday, I got to see my niece!!!  I was so happy to see her, because I never get to.  Sadly, my kids didn't recognize her.  That made me very sad.  But even though they didn't recognize her, they still asked if she could join us for their sleepover.  Oh if only she could :(

She is now 10 and in 5th grade.  Tell me it's not true.

I took my lil sis home Friday night and got to ride on the new Triangle Expressway.  The first toll road in the area.  Fortunately the toll wont open until the 3rd.  I like how quickly I can scoot on over to Apex and Cary, but I'm none too thrilled about paying a toll.

If you are in need of a good laugh today, take a gander at me wearing the new add to the ridiculousness, I'm fresh out of bed, unshowered, bed-headed up, unmake-uped, and in the pj's.  I think I look like a man right out of the 70's, give me a trucker hat and call me Fred.

And to complete the post, look at what we have... a new sonic obsessed artist in the family.  That's right, Ethylwolfe's obsession has now infected KennaKat and there are tons of Sonic pictures all over the house.  Gold Sonic at that.  I love his long legs and that he has no arms, and she got his sneakers really well. :)

Happy Sunday everyone!  Our meeting has been moved to 4pm.  What shall I do with my day?  Oh don't worry about me, I can always think of something :)

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Marlan said...

So glad Jessie got to come and stay. LOVE the glasses. I like the new flowers.