Monday, January 23, 2012


This weekend, we headed up to Roanoke for a surprise party!
Nabo graduated from schooling, and we're all so proud of him.
His Wifey, Ana, organized a surprise dinner for him.
Aside from his many questions and her lying through her teeth, we think he was surprised!
We ate at Frankie Rowlands.
It was very yummy.
Everything was quite delicious.
I almost forgot to pull out the camera, but I was able to get a few shots in

My guinea pigs for testing out the camera settings...sorry guys!

Another camera test shot, sorry guys!!

The Katies

it took us a minute to notice that they walked in, we were too busy chatting :)

The Katies sipping

My Entree, it was sooo yummy! 

The husbands filet, also quite yummy, it was way bigger than it looks in this shot!

The BEST Creme Brulee ever!

I don't know which one is happier that he guess is on Ana!
On top of the food you see pictured above, I also enjoyed a fresh mozzarella and tomato spinach salad, duck con fix {next time, I'm getting that for my entree!}, scallops mmm, asparagus and hollandaise sauce, and mashed potatoes...everything was the best ever.  mmm.

It was a short but sweet weekend...

I also got to sip coffee in a coffee shop with my friend Bethany who ordered that beautiful lilac flower in a previous post, and give her the yarn for my beanie that she's making for me!  Can't wait to get it.

Also, for the first time, we visited Eitak's congregation on Sunday.  {Generally we go to Ana's} The friends were so friendly!  And I met a sister who owns a shop downtown full of awesome goodies made by local artists, and she said she'd love to maybe sell my flowers in her shop!  Cool!  So I'll be emailing her about possibly working something out in that regard!

I guess I need to get busy on making more flowers :)

Oh and if you want a quick laugh at my expense...
on our journey up to VA, KennaKat asks "Mommy, how does your belly get so big?" {I know, flattering right?}  So after I finished crying on the inside laughing I said "I guess you could say it's because I had you two in there."  and Ethylwolfe so kindly adds "yeah, and that's how she's a little bit fatter than daddy."  Thanks guys!  I guess I'll be visiting the zumba classes an a regular basis in the future!

In case you are wondering, I rationalize these insults by the fact that KennaKat absolutely LOVES bellies and asks every person she sees if they are pregnant, flat belly or not, and also the fact that E said that I was only a little bit fatter than daddy...could be worse as my husband is quite the lean guy  ;)

Have a great Week guys!!


Marlan said...

Can not believe you posted such a horrible picture of us. The pictures of the Katies were great, however. Oh yeah I took those. LOL

Jessi Brown said...

Love the pictures. Glad y'all had such a good time :) YAY Nathan! And that's awesome about possibly having your flowers sold at her shop-hope it works out!