Monday, January 2, 2012

New Flowers In The Shop

New flowers have been listed in the shop.

Trying out different petal shapes, I don't know what type of flower I'd call it...maybe a carnation?  
Any suggestions?

Let me know what you think of the new design...better, worse, no difference?

I have made it through the month of December.  My first 28 days have been fun/exciting/nerve-racking!
It is such a surreal feeling to have people actually WANT something that I made.
It's crazy really.

In my first month, I sold 14 cool is that?!?
I haven't pocketed any of the earnings, I just turn around and buy more supplies. :)
Which is what I wanted to be able to do, fund my obsession.

I have ordered 12 new beautiful colors of 100% wool felt from a fellow etsy'er, more beads, and more cool paper to make my boxes.
I can't wait for the felt to arrive and make more fun flowers!

The person I ordered the felt from gave some good tips for having a shop.  Some are going to be hard to  incorporate, like changing my prices to show their true value.  Yeah, I guess I need to work on that, but the thought of charging anything for something I gladly gave away for free is really really tough.  Plus I like to think that everyone has my mindset..."They want how much for that?  I could make it myself!  Is it on sale?"...Well yes, obviously I can make it myself, but I guess not everyone wants to.

So that's what I'm struggling with right now.  Pricing for value/worth/time/expense/and competition.  She says "don't be shy about your pricing. There is perceived value for items that are priced accordingly. Better materials certainly justify higher cost. Don't be afraid that people won't be willing to pay a fair amount for your hand crafted item. "   Yes, that is my biggest struggle...placing a value on something I made.

Current goals I'll be working on in the future are more hand-sewn flowers, higher quality materials, and a variety of prices to attract a variety of customers.

A big huge thank you for all of your support and encouragement!



Pam said...

Just checked out your prices and my dear you are giving them away!!I was once told by a boss that if I don't feel my work is worth the price I'm asking neither will the customer. I have a link in Canada who does intricate flowers and she charges accordingly and is very successful. You should not go under $10 for your elaborate flowers like the pink one with the jewels on the inside.

Candi said...

They are truly beautiful! And you are super talented! I'm not very good at pricing either. Especially when it comes to my cakes. I practically do them for cost so I'm no help.