Monday, January 30, 2012

Making stuff

So this weekend was pretty uneventful.
Actually, I spent the entire weekend in my pj's.
The kids were both sick so I never ventured out of the house.
But I was able to accomplish my goal of using up every color of new wool!
{Woohoo! I accomplished a mini goal!  Picture me patting myself on the back}
I even made flowers out of the colors that I have sold already.
So now I have all 12 colors of flowers.
But now I'm stuck.
I cannot figure out what to put in their centers.
I am sharing with you for inspiration.
Please help me decide what to put in them.

Here they are, unfinished, waiting for suggestions:

Orange and Goldenrod

top to bottom, left to right:
Raspberry, Rose Pink, Lilac, Blush Pink

This is the only one that I finished last night.
It's a charcoal grey color.
I thought about waiting until next fall/winter to make it, but figured why not go ahead and make just one?

My new colors were supposed to arrive today.  The tracking said it would, I hate when it's wrong.
But now I have something to look forward to tomorrow!
12 new colors to play with and inspire me!


I knew I wanted to make some, because I LOVE re-purposing and reusable bags!
Today, I decided to make one for KennaKat since she needs a library bag, so I went to her drawer of saved items that are too small and too ruined to hand-down, but that she is in LOVE with.
And I found...
A shirt that was stained with chocolate milk and a tutu that is too short and has lots of holes.
Well, that settled it for me, so now we have this!

If you could have heard her screams of glee and excitement!
She was so happy to have 2 of her favorite items back and turned into a 3rd thing that she loves...BAGS! This girl is definitely a bag lady :)
I'll get a picture of her tomorrow at the library with this bag in use.
{She spent an hour today with her arms in the holes, wearing it as a front dress}

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Marlan said...

LOVE IT. Bags! a girl after my own heart HEEHEE