Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monkey Joes

Who's up for some more really blurry, un-posed pictures of the kids?!?
I thought so, I know you're excited.

Monday the kids and their friends were out of school so we met up at Monkey Joes to let them run off all that energy that they had on Saturday at the mall.

I tried to learn from my mistake on Saturday and take pictures while they were eating, in hopes of getting better shots, sigh, it did not work.

After spending 5 hours at Monkey Joes, I really thought my kids would be pretty tired, but I was wrong.
As we ran other errands and "relaxed" at home in the evening, they were bouncing off the walls until bedtime.  I don't know where all that energy came from, but it was pretty crazy.

Sorry for the not so great pictures, maybe one day soon I'll get some good shots.. naaah.

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Marlan said...

is Jacob smelling his feet?