Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Stuff

Guess what came in the mail Tuesday?

The business cards!

It's official!
{Business Cards makes it official}

Guess what I picked up on Monday?

I found a local lady on Etsy who makes ties!
Check her out at Duckystuff
She's right down the road from Harris Teeter.
She does ties for size 3m and up.  Bow ties, neck ties, fake neck ties, guys ties, you name it.
The best part is, she gets her fabric from an etsy store called fabric shoppe with hundreds of wonderful fabrics.  So you choose whatever you want, she orders it, and makes the tie in the style you choose.  I also got her to throw in a 6in square of fabric {for free, though I offered to pay} so that I can make a matching hair bow for KennaKat!

I can't wait to order more!


Guess what I picked up in Burlington Tuesday?

My Platter!


Hubby and I got to sneak in a little date night Tuesday night!
Ethylwolfe spent the night with P&K, and KennaKat with Nani and Papa! WooHoo!
Hubby and I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, it was great.


That's where I am now.  This is the last few days of Ethylwolfe's break and I'm really bummed.  I don't want to send him back.  We didn't get to do as many fun things as I would have liked, but I think he enjoyed his time off.  Besides, we'll be having another 3 weeks off in 9 1/2 weeks, so no worries!

There are still many more things I'm anxious to get in the mail...letters from pen pals {yes, I have pen pals and I love it!  The paper, the handmade envelopes, the stamps, the waiting, the receiving, all of it!}... wool felt... pictures... movies... and the beat goes on....La de da de de, la de da de da


Mommy said...

I have always REALLY loved mail as well!! Maybe I should try a pen pal??

BTW, I love the business cards!!

Candi said...

The plate came out beautiful!!! I love the tie idea. thanks! I love to be all matchy for the memorial and at least one day for the district convention. And the cards look perfect!

Speckled Kat said...

I could Always be your pen pal Jen! I have had them ever since I learned how to write! So much better than an email or text!

Thanks Candi! I hope you do like her stuff!

Marlan said...

Love the platter. Look forward to dinner. Love the cards too.