Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blame it on the weather

Flower number 3 this week was made Thursday late night and I was planning on taking a shot of it outside on Friday...well, Friday was pretty dreary and yuck so I decided to wait until today...I guess the better of my 2 choices would have been an overcast day like yesterday as opposed to rain and wet from today.

Because of my lack of options, meet terrible inside lighting, choice number 3.

Don't you just love the green?  It's 'Spring Green' I love it!  And how awesome would it look taken in great outdoor sunshine?  We'll find that out in a few days I hope, but until then, enjoy another poor shot of something that deserves better.

How would something like this look as the front of a business card?

So I tried Zumba on a public place.
It was pretty fun, but guess what?
I killed my back.
On one of the moves something got pulled and there was instant pain.
LOTS of pain.
I stretched first and afterwards and during.
I kept taking breaks from the hour long dance fest to stretch the back, but it didn't help
I have been in a lot of pain ever since.
I'm trying to strengthen my back so that I can live a normal life instead of being in fear of taking one wrong move and throwing out the back.

On top of the back pain, there is also good pain.
The pain you feel from having a good workout.
So I'll go back.
Several friends have joined the class and it's fun, all of us looking like dorks in the back of the class, and laughing at our silliness...good times.
I'll be going again for sure, hopefully I wont pull my back next time.

Have a great day guys!

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curlyque said...

So sorry you hurt your back. It's nice having so many come. Look forward to seeing you again there.