Monday, October 31, 2011

More Dahlia's and a Tutorial

Last night I made a few more flowers while watching 
The Manhattan Murder Mystery

Some of you have asked how to make your own.
Well, I must start by saying that I did NOT invent this flower
Though I'd love to take credit.
Here is the girl who showed me how to make them.
I just tweaked it from there.
So you can either follow her tutorial, or mine, but hopefully,
 either way, you can create your own and enjoy!

How to make a Felt Dahlia:

Start by making a template for your petals.
I folded part of card stock paper in half and cut one side of a large petal.
My largest is 2 1/2 inches

The 2 1/2" petal base will make one right at 6 inches in diameter, 
That's one large flower :)

Taking my large petal, I traced it on card stock and kept the traced one for permanent use.
Taking the folded one, I refolded it and cut off one centimeter along the outside of the petal.
{Making it 2cm smaller than the other}
Then I traced it and kept the tracing.

Taking my folded one again, I refolded it and again, cut off 1 centimeter following the outline.
Each time I do this, I trace out the image so that I can have one for keeps.

Then I took off more...

And more...

And more...

And more.

Cut out all of your tracings and keep them for future projects.
I used card stock because it would hold up for multiple uses.
I might use stencil paper next time for longer lasting copies.

Now that we have our templates, lets get started!

For this flower, I used my small, xsmall, and xxsmall petals.
This will give me a flower that is just about 4 1/2 inches in Diameter.

Cut strips of felt the width of your petals.
I used a sheet of felt from the craft store that is 9x13" and cost 29 cents.
Each strip was 9"s long.

I cut 3 strips for my bottom petals using my small template.
{Turns out for this flower, I only needed 2 of the larger strips}
2 strips with my xs template
And 1 strip with my xxs template.
I then cut a circle 2" in diameter.

I like to stack all of my same-sized strips together, pin them to keep in place
and then cut them out.  It saves time :)

Apply a small dot of hot glue to the bottom corner of the petal.
{Sorry for the detailed, grody picture of my glue gun, she and I have come a long way together and she only cost a buck!}

Pinch the 2 bottom corners together...

Then quickly smoosh in the bottom, so that you have 3 points on the bottom.

You now have one petal.
Continue making the rest of them.

Now attach your petals to your circle.
Apply 1 dot of glue to the bottom back of your largest petal.

Stick the largest size petal to your circle, let if hang off your circle.
Only about 2 centimeters need to be on the circle.

Working around the circle, keep adding the petals.
I overlap the flat edges.
Be sure to angle a bit so you make a circle ;o)

This is what your first circle should look like:
{I used 13 petals for the largest row}

Now start your second row using the next size down petals.  Attach it the same way.  A little bit in from the larger row and work your way around again.

When I'm making small petals, instead of a dot of glue that usually gets messy
I'll do a thin smeared line of glue.
It's less visible at the end.
{And I burn my fingers less}

The second row of petals:
{9 petals for mine}

Add your smallest petals to the final row the same way you did the others.  Sometimes you have a small circle left in the middle, this time I didn't  It doesn't matter
{6 petals for my center, I normally have all odd numbered rows}

Now play around with ideas for the center...
{I wish I had a nice collection of vintage buttons to work with but I don't}

Once you have the look you like, hot-glue that baby to the middle!
Don't forget to add a brooch pin or hair clip to the back.
And there ya go, a 4 1/2 " dahlia made by YOU!

If you're wondering what they look like with just 2 rows of petals:

I made these 2 with my smallest sized petals

To make a rosette type center:
 Cut a long strip of felt
This one is 2 cm wide and 6 inches long
{Depending on the amount of space you have in the middle, you may want to make it longer or shorter}

Roll it into a circle,
Dab a large amount of hot-glue over the entire back
Then stick it in your flower's center while it's still hot.
Push down and your done!

I hope this tutorial was helpful!
Please show me your results if you decide to make your own.
Have a lovely day...
Well, it just started raining and it's chilly outside
Seems like the perfect time to make one with a good movie :)


Marlan said...

love it however would like one made by your hands. LOL

Candi said...

Awesome!!! Now I just have to find the felt! Thank you!

Speckled Kat said...

Candi, you can find felt at any craft store or fabric store. Can't wait to see how it comes out!

Klenke said...

Made a couple last night. I used Fabric-Tac glue. Do you like the glue gun better. Thanks for sharing!