Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fairy Party

Today KennaKat and I attended a fairy party, 
it was lovely
Biscuit's very own Martha Stewart mommy put it together

Trying to get a good picture of  11 little girls is hard work....

Paper Mache toadstools, how wonderful!

Adorable bubbles

Toadstool tomatoes- such a cute idea

A game of catch the butterflies

Eat, drink, & be fairy :)


I can fly!

WE can fly!

coloring their picture frames

Tia Belle made one very adorable Tinker bell

Fairy Cupcakes, how perfect

bubbles to the wind
Thank you our dear friend for inviting us to such a wonderful party
we anticipated it for weeks
it was fairytastic!
It was everything we hoped for and more!


Marlan said...

How absolutely adorable!!!

KL said...

So so SO cute! I want a fairy party!