Friday, October 28, 2011

The newest member of the family

Welcome baby AJ!

Born on Monday, the day between KennaKat's bday and Nani and Papa's Anniversary!  All 8ib 2oz of her is completely adorable!
She looks like a slightly smaller version of her older sister when she was born.

KennaKat, Ethylwolfe, and myself headed up to VA Monday night to see her
We got there a few minutes after 9
Parked in the deck and started getting out
KennaKat was fast asleep/E had to use the bathroom/and my jaw hurt from the dentist
So we ended up just meeting Eitak at her place and calling it a night.

The baby snuggling had to wait until the next day.

Tuesday after having breakfast with Nani, Papa, and Deli, 
we headed to Fresh Market to buy fresh flowers for the proud family.
Ethylwolfe and KennaKat each picked out their own flowers and wrote their own congrats card.

Poor E was sick so he wasn't allowed near the baby.
He was bummed and became quite bored during our baby snuggling hours.

KennaKat was in love with baby AJ.
Every few minutes she wanted to hold her.

The only shots of the proud parents were taken by KennaKat and they didn't come out too flattering, so I wont post them.  The family went home on Wednesday, even though Ana had a c-section.  Hopefully she is healing and feeling better.

I can't wait to see my newest niece again soon...hopefully next week!

After the hospital, I took the kids to chickfilet for a late lunch and play time before heading home.
While there, I got the call from hubby about the robbery.

I've been in a foul/melancholy mood all week.  Break-ins are exhausting.  I'm tired of having my stuff stolen and having to pay for repairs and stolen stuff.

I discovered that they stole ALL of my chick-flicks and my Hitchcock collection.
I'm quite angry about that.
What will I do without my extensive collection of every Jane Austen novel, movie ever made?
Yes, I'm quite angry.

I know that things can be replaced, but the process of replacing is very time consuming and expensive.

I am thankful that the family has never been harmed from a robbery and that we have never been home during one.  I try to focus on the important parts and not the downers but I'm completely 

Sorry to veer off topic there.

So I will leave you with this:

KennaKat is so in love with her new niece that the day after we came home, she played "baby AJ" ALL.DAY.LONG.  There were probably 58 diaper and 83 outfit changes. 105 times I had to help rewrap the baby in her swaddling blanket.  She sang her to sleep, brought her with us every time we left the house.  Tucked and re-tucked her into bed many times over.  This girl is quite taken with her new niece, I think they will be great buds!

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Candi said...

That baby has a TON of hair!!! It looks like a little wig!!! ADORABLE!!!