Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Field Trip in First Grade!

Last Friday {before we went camping} KennaKat and I joined Ethylwolfe on his first field trip in first grade.
His School was having a literary Festival at a local book store.
This is how it worked...
We walked .7 miles to the free bus line, hopped on the bus, rode for a mile, got off, walked .3 miles to the book store.

The kids were excited...I was excited!  I don't get enough bus riding apparently.
I'm still excited every time I get to ride a bus.
{It's so big, you don't have to drive, you get to see weird people, you don't have seat belts}

Leaving the school, on our way...
The kids had to hold their buddies hand the entire way.
I was impressed with how well they did.

Waiting for the bus with 2 of his buddies

A game of Rock.Paper. Scissors to pass the time

Boarding the bus with the teacher directing the way

KennaKat enjoying the ride


Enjoying his trip

Listening to a parent read

Gathering all the ducks she could  find

Heading back to school, the kids were pretty tired

Waiting for the bus
She fits right in doesn't she?
It was a fun afternoon.  I love this school and how they walk all over town.

This past Thursday, his class went on trip #2 to the local Carolina Theater and saw a play.
KennaKat and I didn't go because there was only room for 2 parents to attend and we decided to leave room for other families.

They walked there as well, but the walk wasn't nearly as long.

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