Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aviation Park

Last weekend, I was in VA for Ana's babyshower
I spent the night away from my family so that I could paint AJ's nursery without needing to watch the kids.
I came back late Saturday night and felt a need to spend some quality time with my family.
So, Sunday after the meeting, we grabbed some food and went to Aviation Park...a little viewing park where the kids can play and watch the airplanes go by at the airport.

While I was away, and telling a group of friends that Ethylwolfe had lost 2 teeth in a week, I got a text from Hubby saying that he lost ANOTHER tooth!
So, now he is missing 3 teeth, 
3 teeth lost in 9 days...crazy!
I call him Toothless now
he looks funny
He looks forward to sharing his jar of now 5 baby teeth with his class tomorrow
First day of the second quarter
I'll miss him, we had fun together
The kids played really well together
{The ratio of fighting to nice playing was probably 7:3..that's something to brag about!}
We built lots of lego structures, read lots of books (He's a really good reader now), they played lots of card games with daddy, I could have joined, but it was more entertaining just listening to them :)

I Love my family!

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Marlan said...

what a great day. I love your family too!!!