Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ethylwolfe is cuddling with me while I check my blog and pointing at the Blog name he asks
 "What does that say?"
and I say "The Speckled Kat"
he says "That's what I thought.  You spelled Cat wrong."
"I know, I did it on purpose."  
He gave me a funny look as to say 'why would anyone misspell on purpose?'
Then I proceeded to explain the meaning of the name 
"I have freckles, so I am 'Speckled' and my name starts with Kat so I came up with the name Speckled Kat."
He looks at me with a look of complete understanding and a look of awe as he came to the conclusion that his mom might actually be cool as he says "Niiiice!"

Since our camping trip "Nice" has been his new word.
He uses it all.the.time.
It's an expression of appreciation for things, for anything he finds cool.
I love that he has his first overly used word :)
What are your kids saying?  What words did you overuse as a kid?

I went through a faze where I overused stellar and groovy in elementary school.
I wanted to show that I was cool and mature enough to use the outdated cool words.
Cool, Like {Still overuse that}, So, Sweet -all words overused by myself.

Have a lovely Sunday.
We are all hacking up lungs in this house...

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Candi said...

"actually" that's Haylei's overused word. "seriously" is mine. "really" is another one. Hunter hasn't started yet, with the exception of "mommy" which I always think is overused :)