Sunday, October 23, 2011

She's Four

To my little girl who just turned four,
I can't believe you are this old today,
It seems as just yesterday you came into this world.
All 9ib 3oz of you.
You were 2 weeks late,
I was determined to deliver you naturally,
And after the doctor set you on my stomach, you took my breath away{Literally}
My last thought before you entered the world was "This hurts! Get her out of me!"
And my first thought after you entered the world was "Oh, She's beautiful!"
Then I thought... "She's huge!"

My dear sweet girl, you are wonderful!
You have a wonderful personality, you're sweet, funny, kind, thoughtful.
You're a fast learner, you think of others, and you are a joy to call my own.
You're the most beautiful creature I've set eyes on.
Every time I see you, I'm in awe of how spectacular you are.
I love that you are mine, I love spending my days with you.
You are perfect in every way, as your mother, I can say so
You aren't afraid to run and get your hands dirty, you love playing with every boy toy you can get your hands on, but yet, you're completely girly, and you look fantastic in a tutu.
You're silly and you're fun!

I know, I know, picture overload here
Seriously, I could have sat here adding pictures all day,
looking back at who you were, and thinking of what you have become,
I miss you, I love you
I enjoyed you from the moment I met you, through every day until now
You are my sweetie and my best girl
I cannot WAIT to see the woman you become
and I love that I have a front row seat for every day in between now and then
I love you my dear girl, you are four and I can't believe it.


Jane said...

She really is a beautiful girl isn't she? I enjoyed both of my children from the moment I knew they existed and I hear those feelings in your words. It makes my heart sing to see you enjoy each second of their lives.

Candi said...

what a cutie!!! great pictures!