Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I need a t-shirt that says
"I got my house broke into 4 times and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

After spending the night out of town and getting snuggles from my brand new adorable niece,
I received a call from my husband saying "don't hurry to come home...we got broken into again"
"ARGHAHAHARRRRRRRRRRGHGRR!" is what my mind was saying and it's not even English.

The most retarded details are as follows:
1.  They removed planks from our fence, came into our yard WITH OUR GIANT DOG, broke the kids window and entered the house.
2.  The GIANT DOG didn't eat them.
3.  The GIANT RETARDED DOG remained in the fence until hubby came home, and THEN she decided to get out.
4.  They stole little things rather than our TV.
{Wii, DVD player, hubby's new watch, my jewelry, movies, and games}
5.  Two other neighbors were robbed, including the large ladies who live in the tent while storing stuff in their shed.  What did they have in their shed?  Armor and body guard stuff, including possibly guns.
No, we do not want neighbors like that.
6.  They completely trashed the house.. dumping all drawers, my art bins full of random bits and pieces, just made a total mess of it all, and didn't clean it up.

Out of all miseries that come my way, I find it important to look a the humorous side.

Humor points are as follows:
1.  For my Anniversary present, hubby gave me a netbook, it's awesome, it's small, it's transportable, it's not  a desktop.  So, anyway, when we went camping this weekend, I decided to leave it home.  Hubby decided to hide it 'in case of a break-in' and when we got home, I asked him where he hid it.  Finally he said he put it on top of our DVD player.  I told him that was a terrible place because if we got robbed, they would find it because they would steal the DVD player.  He said nobody would take that thing because it wasn't worth stealing.  And guess what they stole 2 days later?  The DVD player!!!  Somehow saying "Told ya so!" Isn't that rewarding.  I'm glad I brought my new computer up to VA.

2.  A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was commenting on my jewelry and said that she likes everything I have. {That's a lovely complement because I don't have a lot, and I worry that I always buy the wrong things}  She said that if my house was ever broken into and only things like my jewelry were stolen, I'd know who to blame.  And guess what was stolen...yep!  Well, I asked, and she said it wasn't her.

3.  Hubby didn't bother calling the cops because he was just so fed up with everything and the uselessness of the cops in situations like this. {He was unaware of the other break-ins at the time.}  After I told my neighbors about the break-in, they decided to snoop around the place in the woods, and found that they were robbed too, so they called the cops.  Anyway, one of the cops came over to investigate our break-in even though we weren't too thrilled.  He asked me if I had the serial # on the wii, and it turns out we did.  He was so excited and said "This right here is what we need, this could blow the case wide open."  Nice enthusiasm bud, but no, it wont.  You'll file the report and that will be the end of the story. Just like all the other times.  We got a nice laugh out of it after he left.

Thus concludes the end of my day, I hope yours was better.  And remember, always try to get a good laugh out of those stinky situations in life, it makes it just a little bit better, and that's what we need until Jehovah pulls the plug on this nasty system.

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Nessa said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading since we just got back. That totally sux your place got broken into again :(