Thursday, November 3, 2011

What We're Reading...

What we're reading...

Buzz boy and fly guy books
by Tedd Arnold

If you've got a child, especially a son,
that is an early reader, beginner reader, looking for fun stories to read,
Between the ages of 4 and 7
He'll LOVE these books!
They have gross stuff, silly stuff, boy stuff in them
They are in the style of beginner comic book, and were the first of the 'longer' books
that my son read all on his own.
Buzz boy and his pet fly guy are super heroes
that go on many fun adventures
Ted Arnold has lots of children's books out there
I recommend any of them, but especially these.

My daughter likes them too, but especially the boy 
check 'em out!

**Oh and in case you are wondering, they are teacher approved
She says that it is difficult to find good early reader books for boys and she LOVES this series for them!


Klenke said...

Jake really liked Geronimo Stilton books for a while. There about a detective mouse that goes on different adventures. Also, a book that I loved reading to them was Arnie the Donut. That one was just as much for me. It goes through the funny life of a donut.

Candi said...

Love this!!! I'll have to remember this for Hunter when he gets a little bigger. Austin used to read books about Captain Underpants or something like that. So funny!

Candi said...

oh and I got the felt at the dollar tree to try to make the hair bow. we'll see if I can do it! :)

Speckled Kat said...

We LOVE captain underpants books! I bought a few of them from the library for a dollar! I can't wait to see how your flower turns out!!

Speckled Kat said...

We checked out Arnie the Doughnut and loved it! Thanks for the suggestion! Also checked out Geronimo, haven't read it yet, but looking forward to it!