Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey look!
I can randomly upload photos again!
I'll take it while I can get it!
I started another blog location yesterday, but I'm not happy with it,
So I'm glad I can upload more photos here for the time being.

Here is KennaKat last week at E's school.
She's mad at me for making her leave.
Even while she's mad, she just looks too adorable to not catch on camera.
{Yep, I'll be that annoying mom that will capture all of my children's emotions, 
thus making them more mad/angry/annoyed at me.  Heehee}

We've got meeting tonight
I'm in an annoyed mood...actually it started to pass when I found out I can upload photos
so hopefully the grumpy side of me is 'no mas!' for today
I love when the meeting schedule gets changed around
Mix it up a bit
Keep me on my toes

I don't really feel like making dinner, it is Monday after all
My attempt at a productive day got squashed like a bug being hit with a newspaper
I'm so tired of washing dishes by hand, it's a never ending cycle that's driving me crazy
I got my first load of laundry started around 4pm; the goal was 8am...

All I really feel like doing is making stuff, 
make make make to my hearts content and not have to clean up the mess.  
*I wish it wasn't so time consuming
*I wish I had an art room 
{so that I could have a place for all of my stuff and not have to clean off the table every time I feel like not having a cluttered living/dining/kitchen area.}

Alright, that was my 10 minutes of blurping for today.
Off to be more productive...
{t'yeah right}


Jane said...

where do you find how many pics you can post?

Marlan said...

love the Kenna pic. Yes she is very adorable. can't wait to see all of you. Yes I know we live in the same town, but our lives are busy so family weekend will be great. love

Speckled Kat said...

Jane- They don't have an actual # limit, but they do have a limit on how much "data" you upload. I don't know where to find it though. I've stumbled on it a time or two but can't remember where.