Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What we're reading

Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems

Mo Willems has a knack for writing children's books that they enjoy reading.
Ethylwolfe has checked out almost all of these books from the library and loves reading them over and over.
Mo uses repetition, inflection, words, and situations that children can understand and think are hilarious.
We always giggle together when we read about the adventures of Gerald and Piggie.  Best friends.  
They are different, have fun, learn lessons of friendship, and are silly.

If you have an early reader, they will love reading these by themselves, and if they are younger, well, they will love listening to you read it to them.

If you haven't read Elephant and Piggie books, then definitely do so!


Candi said...

I love Mo Willems. I'd never heard of him until a friend told me about him. Funny books! My favorites are still "My Lucky Day" and "The Gruffalo"...all time favorites!

Ariana said...

Love Mo Willems!!! Just bought a book by him for a friend - "We're In A Book" - which was so hilarious and cute i couldn't NOT buy it! :)