Thursday, December 1, 2011

It happened again!...We've been photographed and blogged!!!

Last Friday, the family gathered together for a family weekend, ALL of us at the in laws house.  
The plan was to cash in on the second half of the Giveaway prize from Ariana and spend the weekend together.  
We almost weren't able to coordinate it {Last minute RBC build, work schedule changes, etc}
but in the end it worked out!
I'm SO glad that it did!

Check out Ariana's blog at Faces in Focus for a preview.  
I think she and Brian did an amazing job!
They were on time, we were running late.
The location that we chose didn't work, so they changed it, it was perfect.
We needed serious guidance on coordinating outfits, Ariana came to the rescue and provided suggestions.
 Our 30 minute session ran over, way over, and they were way cool about it.
Everyone had a great time, and they look amazing!
Great job Ariana and Brian, Thank you SO much!!!

I wasn't nervous this time... I felt seasoned. Haha.
You'll probably think me a dork {because I am}, but I kept my families outfits almost the same as last time.
The way the color scheme worked out, I figured...'eh, why not?'
I hate coordinating outfits, I'm SO NOT into fashion and everything I own I buy either severely discounted or used, 
I don't even own a full length mirror, so when it came down to having to coordinate everyone again, 
to the same color scheme as last time, I said No way, I can't do it again!
Plus I knew that to make the colors work as well as last time would probably be impossible
Why mess with a good thing?

Ariana didn't make Hubby and I do gooshy lovey dovey pictures again, 
we already had ours, but she did take some of the rest of the family...I LOVE them!

So consider this a continuation of the last session :)

My most favorite picture is of M&G with their 4 kids, beautiful!
And if you'll check out the one with all of us ladies, you'll notice that we are all wearing flowers made by me!  
I made flowers for everyone, and then they decided to wear them {how sweet!}
Except 'Ana, I made flowers for her girls, but her sweater had flowers on it, so it was all good.

I can't wait to see the rest of the shots!
Thank you Ariana!

I think this family has found themselves a permanent photographer, perhaps next year we can get them to come to the beach for family shots...or the mountains!


Marlan said...

Thank you Katie. It would not have happened without you.

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