Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tonight I was sleepy.  
After snuggling with hubby while watching a movie, we decided to go to bed early.  While he was softly snoozing in my ear, I realized that tomorrow is the last day of our CO visit and I really wanted to give Madame CO a flower.  Well, generally this isn't a problem, but since I've got all of my currently made flowers listed on Etsy and paid for, I didn't want to have to un-list anything.  So I hopped out of bed at a quarter till10 and started making a flower for her.  Then I had to turn on my computer to play some tunes whilest flowering, then and then and then, one thing led to another and now it's after midnight.  So much for getting an early night and some much needed rest. 

 Today was a lazy good day.  We worked in the ministry as a family.  I beat hubby in magazine placement 6 to 2 Ha!  It was cold and I severely under-dressed the kids. {bad mommy}  We met at 9 instead of 9:30 and even though I knew this in the back of my mind, the front of my mind forgot.  As the hubby is getting ready at 8:30 and I'm slowly crawling out of bed, it dawns on me!  {Ah!  Hurry!}  I didn't have time to check the weather, and since it has been freakishly warm most of the time, I figured it would warm up.  Weeeell, it was warm in some parts: like around our house and the kingdom hall, but apparently the street we worked didn't get the memo {38 degrees}.  It was down right frigid and breezy.  KennaKat was not wearing tights, neither of them had gloves, it just so happened that I threw jackets on them as we ran out the door.  E's was just a paper thin jacket.  So when they were complaining/whining every-time we came to a house that required them to knock instead of ring a doorbell, I realized, oh yeah, they are cold!  Their hands are cold, it hurts to knock! So after an hour, we went over to starbucks for hot cocoa and cups of whip cream and a chai tea latte for me. {We never break so this was a nice treat} After warming up for a while, we ventured back out and worked another hour.  We were quite satisfied {and out of current magazines}.

So we came home and Husband so kindly gave in to my begging him to make lunch.  He made Quesadillas. Mmm.  I had seconds.  Then we studied the Watchtower and played cards and layed around.  I wish I could nap, I definitely would have napped.  Then he made pizza for us all.  {He's the best}  And well, you've heard the rest.

Yesterday, Tricia Jane asked me to come over.  Having a migraine most of the day, I wasn't really in socialize mood, but when a friend going through cancer asks you to come over, well... you go!  So after dinner I popped a migraine pill and headed over.  What did I find?  Her daughter was in town, sitting on the living room floor surrounded by oodles and oodles of beautiful beads!  {that's like being a kid in a candy store to me....OK, I'm like that in a candy store too}  "Sit down" they say, "Bead away" they say....'well, I don't mind if I do!'

What's even better?  Paige proceeded to show me a necklace she had made and while I'm ooh'ing and aah'ing over it, she GIVES IT TO ME!!!  She actually made it for me!  How sweet is that?!?  She apparently reads my blog {never ceases to amaze me that people actually read this!} and read the whole "house broken into, stolen jewelry thing" and felt pity upon my bare neck!  Thanks Paige, You Rock!! {Did I mention that I'm in LOVE with turquoise?  Well I am!}

I sat there ogling her beads for over an hour.  Trying to decide which ones I could bring myself to steal when it donned on me.... I had a broken necklace in my purse that has been there for 2 months now, just waiting for me to remember it.  So, why not repair that, and let her teach me the proper way to make a necklace?!

So I left Tricia's house with not only my most used necklace properly repaired { Baby Lisa is going to be so thrilled to have her favorite chew toy back in action!} but a brand spank'n new necklace to boot!  Thanks Paige, my bare neck and I thank you!!! :D 

I'm so happy when people make me come out and socialize.  I'm generally so content in my humble home that sometimes I forget...Oh yeah, I like being around people!

Good night everyone!
{Or rather a very early Good Morning}
(Early Bird gets the worm)

I hope everyone has a happy Sunday.
I am really looking forward to the next 2 talks by the CO!


Jane said...

It was a joy to have our lovely four-some. I can't remember laughing that much in such a short period of time in a long time. Like the best kind of medicine I could have had. And yeah -it's 4:58AM and I've been awake for not so nice reasons since before 4AM - oh well - reading this brought back a brief smile. Enjoye Nanni and Poppi yesterday too.

Jane said...

EnjoyeD I should have said.

Marlan said...

Sorry you did not get your needed rest, But I'm sure Sister Pac will love the flower.

Candi said...

Sounds like a great day! Sorry you were crafting so late, but I know the feeling, when you want to get something done, you just stay up and do it. I'm sure she'll love it! The necklace is beautiful!!! What sweet friends you have!