Sunday, December 4, 2011

I know it's blurry but I had to share our morning routine with you all.
The other week it was simply beautiful, with weather in the 70's...
This week, I've been scraping frost off the car window and wearing my winter jacket.
I must say, thank goodness for seat warmers because these leather seats are frigid on cold mornings!

The winter sun has been harsh on our eyes, 
so I lend the kids our sunglasses to shield them from the killer rays.

I ran through or rather chewed through 2 bags of gumballs in a 24 hour period, 
now I'm going through with-drawl

I used to bribe E with chore money if he would get ready for school in the morning without my having to nag him a hundred million and ten times, but apparently, he doesn't care about earning money ever since I 'lent' him the rest of the money he needed to buy that really cool lego set...

So now the deal is, I lay out his clothes the night before, he wakes up and does as much as he possibly can to get ready before I wake up and tell him to do anything, and he gets to watch a few minutes of tv before we head out the door.  Some days work wonderfully, other, not so much.
{This works so well in our house because he only gets tv/movie/video game time on the weekends}

Saturday I wasted away setting up my etsy shop.
I made a stamp with my store's name on it so that I can brand all of my products
I love stamp making, I'll make a tutorial on it some day.
I made fabric tags for the flowers and paper tags for the wrapping
I'm told by a little birdie that you should brand everything you sell so that people can remember where they got it from, so that's what I'm doing.
{theSpeckledKat is EVERYWHERE wahahaha!}
I also made a few more flowers
I'm in love with making them, 
which makes selling them the only option I have to support  my habit.
I researched shipping options, I hate paying for shipping when I buy stuff, so finding a way to do it as cheaply as possible for others is a must.  It would probably be enticing if they made cute mailer envelopes and boxes like they do the stamps..I love stamps.  If the boxes had VanGogh or comics on them, I'd be much more willing to dish out the bucks.  Speaking of VanGogh, I wish they'd make some stamps with his art on them, I'd have to buy a whole beaucoup to satisfy myself.

It's Sunday now {early Sunday, like 1:30am, Sunday} so I'm off to bed
So much for heading to bed early and catching up on some much needed Zzzz's.

Goodnight!...or rather Good Morning!