Monday, December 12, 2011

Field Trip and Ice Show

Lets have a post that doesn't include my whining shall we?

This past Friday was a busy day for this Gal.

E's class took a field trip to the Museum here in town.  There were 21 chaperons to 47 kids, yeah our school rocks with parent involvement!  The first graders are finishing up a project.  Each student chose an animal or bug to do a project on, they had to choose something that was at our museum to research.  And this Friday, we took a trip to the museum for Field Study.  I'm pretty sure that when I was in first grade, I didn't use words like "Field Study", "Research", "species", and "habitat" but those words are common words to these cool  kids.

KennaKat was allowed to join me which made me glad, because that meant I was allowed to come.  We hopped on a bus in the morning, ate our snack under the huge dome, it was cold, then we were divided into groups and sent on our merry way for field study.  I was put in a group without E :(  I was a little sad, and was really hoping that I could be with him to help him finish up his report, but oh well.  I guess things like that are understood when you sign up to be the "class parent".

My kids are sweet kids and guess what they chose to research?  Fish.
Oh man, SO boring!  The fish here aren't even cool tropical fish, they are ugly river fish.  So we did our field study then we played with the exhibits until it was time to meet up for recess.
{I don't think they realized how uncool their exhibit was until the groups were split up and theirs was the smallest.  Then they were down, and mentioned how nobody thinks fish are cool.  So I had to cheer them up and say how we were going to have the coolest field study ever!}  I brought paper and a small clip board for KennaKat to get in on the action too.

E's class photo...I think it's funny that KennaKat snuck into the photo, the brunette boy next to her LOVES her.
I can't even count how many arguments E has had with him about how he is NOT allowed to marry her!

After recess, we had lunch.  Then we were given 2 hours to explore before leaving.  The groups were switched up, so I took the opportunity to grab my 2 kiddos and have some fun just the 3 of us.


After we got home from the Field trip I was exhausted!
So were the kids.
I almost forgot that KennaKat and I had plans for that evening!

At 6 o'clock I told KennaKat the surprise
She and I were going to see Disney on Ice!  It was Princess themed this year and most of her friends were going to be there.  2 of them were coming to our house to ride with us!
{I was so busy during the week that I forgot to clean my house...oops!}

To say that she squealed and was thrilled beyond belief would be an understatement.
Even more exciting was the fact that I bought her a rapunzel dress to wear!

We hurried to get dressed and our friends arrived at 6:15.

Amy brought frying pans for the girls to carry around, such a cute Idea!

4 Rapunzels!

And thus concludes our busy day.  KennaKat was so tired that she almost fell asleep during the 2nd half of the show.

It was a busy, fun filled day, just the way Fridays are supposed to be!

Oh and if you feel sorry for Ethylwolfe, Daddy took him to Frankies and they played mini bowling, arcade games, and he got to drive a go cart all by himself...yeah, no pity for him!


Marlan said...

love the pictures. Love the Kenna got in the class picture. She looked like she fit. LOL

Candi said...

So much fun! I wanted to take Haylei but I was out of town when they were in Atlanta. Glad they had fun!