Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pottery Painting

Yesterday I met up with Twistyn halfway at a pottery painting studio....child free!

We were supposed to meet at 2, but I was late...REALLY late.
Things have been taking me forever to get done lately.
It stinks.
I hate being slow.
{I'll blame it on sleep deprivation...yeah, let's go with that}

So I got there are 2:30ish and we picked out platters to paint.

I don't own a platter, and have been wanting one for a while now.
The livingsocial vouchers that I bought were for $20,
and that's how much the platter cost, so we ended up only paying tax.
I LOVE that!

The place that we went to is called The Mad Platter in Burlington.
I had never heard of it but apparently, it has been there since the late 80's or early 90's.
The things I liked about the place are: you don't have a studio fee or have to pay to use the special paints.
They have a smaller selection than some of the places I've been to before, but that could have been because they had been wiped clean from xmas.  And they weren't slammed like the last place I went to.

We had a lot of fun.
We were there much longer than planned...but it was so nice to go and not have to supervise kids, I could just paint away to my hearts content.  It was wonderful.  We left at 6 and Twistyn had to rush away to her meeting.  The hubby took on Pizza Night, so I was very thankful to not have to cook when I got home.

Wanna see?

We will definitely be going back sometime soon.

I can't wait to see what they look like after they have been fired and glazed!


KL said...

They are both so cool! I wish I had you gals' talent! I really want to invest in some nice serving platters. I have zero!

Candi said...

That's awesome!!! I've never done that before. I'll have to see if they have something like that around here. Sounds like a great girls night venture :) And you're super talented!!!

Marlan said...

Love them both. Looking forward to having something served on them.