Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Weekend

Last Weekend was FAMILY WEEKEND
The schedules conflicted a little bit,
but we were able to work in almost 24 hours of all of us together
I didn't get a lot of shots,
but I'll summarize what we do have...

We headed over on Thursday to Bri, Nate, Deli and AJ already there.  Uncle Mark flew in that morning.  And our Family Weekend began.  For dinner we had Stuffed Shells and Fruit Salad and lots of pie, mmm!

Eitak arrived near midnight and we spent a little time laughing before heading off to bed.

After family pictures on Friday, we headed back to the house and had pizza night.  Everyone made their own pizzas...
well, almost everyone, a few just gleaned off of others :)

While we were busy making pizzas, Miss Deli came out of our room wearing nothing but Ethylwolfe's undies :)

Smores dessert pizza, mmmm

After pizza, we had craft time!
{Well, actually it started earlier in the day with a lesson on felt flower making}
Here we have an oil painting lesson
inspired from O'keeffe's beautiful flowers

Nani's brother came to town for a visit, he hasn't been here in 15 or so years!
After oil painting, Twistyn gave Eitak and myself a knitting lesson!
It was entertaining ;)
{most of these pictures were taken by KennaKat}

Saturday morning, Eitak and Nate had to leave for an RBC build
and Twistyn and I headed out to service.
We had a lovely morning.
After lunch we decided to take a walk through the neighborhood
and head to the eno

Pat said something about Twistyn's hair smelling funny, she protested "Whoa!  You don't even know what my hair smells like!"...

So he had to smell to prove it...
{Ok, that's not what happened, but you never know with these two! ;) }


The boys were having some kind of deep conversation

And that's all for the pictures that I've got.

That night we had pot roast and more pie.
Then we played the new Trivial Pursuit.
Sunday we attended Nani's meeting.
Good thing we did because most of the congregation was out of town!  Lots of commenting opportunities! yay!
We hung out for the rest of the day and then headed home.

We enjoyed a nice long weekend spent with the whole family.
unfortunately we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like
but the time we do have is priceless.
Love you guys!!


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Jasmine said...

I love big family events. We had several come this weekend and we decided us girls were going to have a weekend at my grandma's to learn to knit and crochet.

HB said...

I like how you say "I didn't get a lot of shots" and there are three pages of pictures.