Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Mondays are always the worst for me.

I can't pinpoint one particular reason why but my guess is because I'm bitter that the weekend is over, plus it seems like I always have my dentists visits on Mondays.  Something dreaded to look forward to {enter sarcastic "yay" sound}  

Today was one of those days.  I had my first crown put in today.  
I have a crown.

If I weren't in so much pain I may just joke that I must be royal because even my teeth wear crowns...but no, it's no joking matter....ok maybe it's a little funny.

The throbbing pain in my mouth wont go away.  It was the worst 3 hours ever.  It's expensive, I never want to have a crown put in or any other dental work done ever.again....but wait, I get to go through this whole thing again in 2 days.  I HATE how expensive dental work is.  When this next crown is over I will have splurged right around $1500 {that's after insurance} on dental work in the past 2 months.  

Remind me to never put off getting bad fillings repaired EVER AGAIN!  

My head has been resting on the heating pad for the past 5 hours.  It hurts so bad.  How can they expect you to want to come back after they torture you so?  The thing I hate the most is the drill attachment that feels like a sledgehammer rattling around in my brain.  or maybe it ties in first place with the fact that no matter how many anesthetic shots they give me, they just can't numb my darn teeth!  No half facial numbness today, yay! {Is this really what I'm diminished to bragging about?} In fact, there was no real numbness at all. I lost count of the # of shots this time but it was a heaping ton.  And she jokes "I have never seen someone's body soak up anesthetics like yours does!  It runs through you like water! hahaha!"  then she says, "well, since it's not working, lets just get this done quickly."  Yeah, I'm kind of tired of the "let's get this done quickly" line when it takes 3 hours to get it done....

On a happy note, today is the first official day of E's break.  I made my first from scratch chicken pot pie.  It was yummy, or I'll guess it was from the smell, because my taste-buds were dead.  Ethylwolfe and KennaKat put on the cutest performance today.  Singing, laughing, joking, giggling, dancing.  I wish I got it on camera.  They played that way for an hour, oh what a lovely peaceful hour that was in the house today!

And to top off my day, I ordered my first pair of glasses from Zenni Optical today.  After getting recommendations to try them out from just about EVERYBODY I decided to check them out.  I got a free pair of sunglasses when I got my costco prescription.  But I wasn't in love with any normal inside glasses that they had.  I wanted something fun.  Something to make me giggle when I looked in the mirror. Something that would make me want to wear my glasses. I hate wearing glasses, but my astigmatism seems to be getting worse and I feel like half the day I'm cross-eyed and not focusing, thus making my head-aches much worse.  So I checked out Zenni and found a fun pair.  Want to see?

I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, yes I'm for realz.  The total after shipping was $16.  Not bad for prescription glasses with anti-glare stuff.  If I like these then my next pair will be giant nerd glasses.  :)  But they do have regular glasses too.  And lots of great stuff for $6.95, so check 'em out if you are in want/need of a new pair of specs.

Ok well it's officially Tuesday now, I made it through another Monday.  Tuesdays are way better.  Oh and did I mention that I "slept" in till almost 9 today.  Well, that's how long I stayed in bed at least.  It was great. I hope to sleep in that late tomorrow too!

Happy Tuesday everyone.  


Marlan said...

You must find another dentist. Some still use gas to knock you out. I am very happy with the practice I go to.

Nessa said...

Boo I feel your pain! I went to the dentist last month and he said I need two crowns! I've already had one put in years ago and it was just awful so putting these off till next year. Plus the cost! I mean really? I don't think they should charge that much its just redonkolous! anyways happy tuesday!

Candi said...

I have a gold crown. Yes. It's gold and very "ethnic" LOL!. The kids love to see it. Cracks me up. I feel very "rapper-ish" with it. Anyway, I love zenni and hope you love your glasses. Glad you could sleep in until 9...jealous!

KL said...

Ugh! You are not making me want to go through with my dentist work. Mine will be between 500-1500 after insurance. Yeah thats annoying. Sorry it hurt so bad. I concur, find a new dentist! Thats just dumb that they can't numb you.....but I do love your glasses! I can already picture them on you. B')