Friday, December 16, 2011


Trying to follow the "rules to success" in my etsy shop and add new items as frequently as possible.  Perhaps I'll be able to add one a day at some point.  But I'll need to get ahead and make a pile before I can count on that.  I'm more of a sporadic maker and not an every day maker.  And another problem is that once I've made my pieces, I'm too eager to share, so I post them all at once :) day I'll get it all worked out day.

Yesterday, E's class had share time.
They invited friends and family to come in and see what they've been working on.
E chose stick bugs as his project.
He made stick bugs out of clay, but then while he was out of the room, someone took his clay and used it to make something of their own....ooops!  So yesterday before the share, he hurried to make these stick bugs out of pipe cleaners.  I love them.  I wonder what his clay ones looked like?
He's not much into sharing what he's made over and over, so it's always funny to see how he reacts after having to repeat himself for the 10th time... :)
Nani joined us and that was a special treat.

Today, while I listed my flower shown up top on the etsy shop, KennaKat sat next to me and painted a rainbow.  Rainbows are her new "thing" and I LOVE having rainbows all over my house!  This one she painted on canvas just for me! {I really need a new workspace because keeping my supplies and inventory right next to wear the kids art to their hearts content is a little bit nerve racking!}

When E was home sick earlier in the week, he painted this picture for me on canvas as well.  I love that he put a description underneath. :)  Also note, he is giving me a flower and there is a heart because he loves me {cue heart melting}
So now I have 2 beautiful rainbows on my wall in my room, what more could a mommy ask for?!?

A point of celebration is in order...
Today is E's last day of school for the next 3 weeks!
I am thrilled to have him home and with me all day every day for a few weeks, but what am I most excited about?  I don't have to wake up at 7:15 every day and make lunch and get my kids dressed, woohoo!

Let the winter break begin!!

{side note: this school year has flown by way too quickly, I can't believe my son is halfway through first grade :( *tear*}


Jane said...

I'm trying to be a good girl but what do you mean someone took his clay? Okay - I've said it - I know it's about sharing but "taking"? Okay - enough. Can you come over one day in the next 1-2 days?

Marlan said...

Love the pictures.

Candi said...

I don't know Jane, but I agree >:( I love the rainbows. Don't you love having artsy kiddos? I need to share more of haylei's work.