Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Special Assembly Day

We have had a very busy past few weeks.
I haven't recorded much of any of it, so I will work backwards starting from Sunday.

This past Sunday we had our S.A.D!

It was timely information and I especially appreciated the last talk about comforting others.  The part about comforting the depressed really hit home because I have depression as well as many people that I care about.

Aside from the many bathroom breaks that the kids took {why couldn't they coordinate their timing and WHY couldn't I remember to ask the other if they needed to go while I was taking the one, I have no clue.  But as soon as I got back from taking one, the other needed to go...kinda made me crazy. }  I missed a few talk transitions, which was sad, but the day was a success otherwise.  We missed you Nani and Tricia Jane.  We recognized at least one young girl from our hall who got Baptised!  There were 18 total, and 2,345 in attendance for the morning session, didn't hear how many for the afternoon.

I severely slacked in photo taking, but I took a few at least.  A very few.  Sorry for the blurriness, and fluorescent lighted people.

We bumped into a sweet sister from P&K's French Congregation that I just love

Love that boy

My Guys, love them!
Mmmm mmmm, I could look at that handsome man all day :D

KennaKat was having a "moment" and didn't want her picture taken and hubby couldn't get the camera to work right, so we only got blurry pictures like this...

Look at that gap :)  He makes me grin every time I see it!

Finally got a smile out of her, and it's blurry, grrr

The first of their friends that we bumped into.  Little CH.

2 sweet girls in our hall

KennaKat wasn't the only one having a "moment" before the session started. :)

C, K, and K
Three sweet girls

Every now and then, I caught them holding hands...melts my heart :)

Caught holding hands again :)
Nearing the end of the lunch Break, I realized that I couldn't find Ethylwolfe and his friend was missing too.
After hunting around for 10 minutes and asking everyone I bumped into, I found him at our seats waiting for me to take him to the bathroom.  Thanks for giving me a heart attack son!

After the program, we went out to dinner with our friends L&T and their 3 kids.  Due to the kids being sick and being busy, I hadn't seen L in a few weeks.  It was great catching up and a Great "Special" Day all around.

Hopefully our next SAD will be at our own Assembly Hall.... Hopefully!!!


Marlan said...

love the holding hands pics.

Jane said...

KennaKat's hair is growing! Love the pictures - Love you.Told Nani how strange it felt to know she and I were all alone in Durham Sunday.