Friday, November 18, 2011

This week has gone by pretty quickly.

My life has been really busy lately, so this week, I tried to slow it down.  Since the break-in I've avoided being home like the plague, and it is obvious in the disheveled appearance of the house.

So this week, KennaKat and I stayed home for the majority of the week.  The plan was to clean up and organize, but that didn't quite happen... I had my head buried in a book for most of the time, so the house still looks disheveled, and the few efforts that I made to get ahead of the mess were all for not.

We visited Ethylwolfe's school on Monday.  Did the whole librarian thing, I like it....I always wanted to be a librarian, so helping out once a week and cataloging/organizing/ and helping the kids check books in and out is fulfilling a bit of my childhood dream.

Story time was cancelled on Tuesday.  I really really wanted to be good and visit another story time somewhere else, but I didn't make it out of my pj's until noon.  So then we ran by the library and dropped off the due books and checked out 15 more.

Wednesday we enjoyed the last beautiful day and had pizza for dinner.  Our new phones arrived.  We're trying out straightalk.  It's like the pay as you go plans but better.  Depending on the phone you get you can either be off of Verizon's network or at&t's.  We got the $30 plan...for $30 a month you get 1000 talk minutes, 1000 texts, and 30mb of data.  For $45 you get unlimited everything, including data (you know, internet, all that jazz).  So far, so good.  It's nice to have a cell phone that actually gets reception at our home.  And I kind of like not being constantly aware of every time I get an email.

Hubby wasn't too impressed with the pictures I posted for pizza night, so he made me take better ones :)

Thursday, we went to the meeting, seriously, I think that's the only thing I did other than take E to school and pick him up.  Hubby came home from work early, so for lunch we made pizza :)  Oh and my new boots arrived. I'm so thrilled to have brown leather knee high boots!  I want to wear them every day.  If you care to hear about the demise of my black boots from last winter it is as follows...I'm leaving the hall, trying to make my way through the crowd, when a sister steps back and lands right on my toe with her very pointy metal stilettos...OUCH!  I almost cried...I think my eyes got anyways, her heel poked a hole in my boot.  I think stilettos should be outlawed, they are dangerous!  So that's the end of the boots.  Hubby thinks we might be able to repair them.  I'm still waiting on that though, I hope he's right, b/c I would hate to have to buy another pair.  I'm not much of a shoe buyer.  I LOVE shoes, but I'm very frugal when it comes to buying them for myself.  Plus, growing up, I always got hand-me-downs from my older sister, I never quite learned the art of breaking in shoes.  To break in a shoe is torture to me.  I don't know how to do it.  My feet always hurt, and I limp around whining.  I've hunted around online for years now trying to find a good pair of brown boots, I think I'll like these, They land just under my knee, and are real leather, and they're brown...those were pretty much my only requirements...oh and they couldn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Today, I loaded up 2 mattresses, 2 boxsprings, 2 headboards and railings, 2 bags of bedding, and a large vase into the back of our new honda pilot.  It was awesome.  I didn't realize I could fit that much stuff back there. :)  Ethylwolfe has a field trip today.  I'm sorry i'm missing it.  In a little bit i'm heading out to the eye dr.  Gotta get my eyes examined and order glasses.  My vision is pretty good, but I've got a bad astigmatism.  Lately I've been getting really bad headaches every day and I know a lot of that comes from straining my eyes while I drive.

This weekend, not too much is going on, and I'm looking forward to that.  Hopefully I'll gain some ground on  this messy house of ours, I just want to throw everything away.  Can I do that?  My hippy/earth loving side is screaming "NO!  reduce, reuse, recycle!" but the lazy side is saying "eh, throw it out, no one will care" I'm looking forward to a hopefully productive day in service tomorrow.  Then after the meeting on 
Sunday, we're going to a surprise party for a sister.  
No names, no details, lest she finds out :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Candi said...

Sounds like a great week. I would've had died about the boots! And I agree, stilettos should be outlawed (probably because I've never even worn a pair LOL!). Do you know about zenni optical? If not, check them out before paying an arm & a leg for glasses. My husband wears glasses and we've been buying them from zenni for a while least 3 years and he gets new glasses every year, including sunglasses, night vision glasses and 2 pairs of everyday glasses all for under $100. If you know about it, then just ignore my extra 2 cents worth of info :)

Speckled Kat said...

Candi, my husband works at Costco and they take care of us there. Every year we get a free eye exam along with $150 to go towards lenses and frames. They most I have ever paid was $10 when I bought 2 pairs of glasses. Thanks for telling me about Zenni sis in law needs new glasses, so I'll share the info with her.