Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blogiversary Giveaway

Wow, in one week, I will have been blogging for a year! 
I never thought that I'd last a year.
I'll admit it, I've enjoyed the ride.
I like looking back at past posts, it's a nice reminder of what I've done.
{My online Diary if you will}

It surprises me how many things I've forgotten about.
{I'm glad I've recorded them somewhere.}
Good 'ole mommy brain at its finest.

I guess I could admit that I've sidetracked from my original purpose of this blog which was to catalog projects done with the kids.  In fact, I've gotten pretty lazy lately about posting kid related art.  I will try to get better about taking pictures and posting what we've done.  

This blog has become more of my online Diary, as I already stated.   But that's cool, it's my life journey, which includes a nice {odd} variety of topics.

In all honesty, sometimes I think about ending the blog.
For one, it's a time waster.
And I think 'Is it all for not?'
'Do I really want to let just anyone know what's going on in my life so easily?'

For now, I guess the answer is yes, or at least a shoulder shrug.

The plus sides are:
It makes it easy to share pictures of the kids and stuff with family and friends.
It encourages me to keep a journal of what our life has been.
{And I guess this poor memory needs to record things or else I could forget them into the deep abyss that is forever}
And the most enjoyable part is the comments and bits of encouragement from you guys!  {Even when you don't comment on here, but in person you've said, "Hey, I read your blog!" And I'm thinking "Really?  I can't believe people actually read my random rantings.  That's so awesome!" and I blush} Some days I'm having a really terrible, no good, very bad day and your kind words, your encouragement, your love, lift my spirits and make me feel good.  Like a virtual warm cup of chai tea with cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon good.
So thanks!  Thank you very much!

In case you are wondering, here are some of the stats that my blog has accumulated during it's first year:
7,087 pageviews
9 lovely official followers
153 posts {excluding this one, and some of the past that I deleted}
450 comments from you guys!
Top 10 countries who read my blog:
United States
United Kingdom

OK, enough of my ramblings... On to the good stuff!

As you already know, I've been really into flower making lately.

 I even posted a how-to so that you can make your very own.  So now, I'm offering to give you one to celebrate making it through a crazy blogging year together in one piece.  I'll even give you a color choice and a size choice and the choice to make it a brooch or a hair decoration.  We'll discuss all that good stuff after you win.  It's OK if I've already given one to you and it's OK if you've been making your own, free is free, and who's gonna pass on that? ;)

Here's how to enter:

Leave a comment.

Simple right?
Well, for some of you, probably not so much, so if you don't remember, here's how:
click on comment, add your comment, then below that, select to enter your name or be anonymous, just be sure to tell me who you are.

The giveaway will end on my blogiversary which is Friday, November 25th.
I'm excited to see who wins. :)

G'day mates!


Jane said...

Let me be the first to comment AND enter the giveaway. I LOVE your blog so I'm glad you have decided to continue.

Marlan said...

I too love your blog, and I look everyday to see if you have posted something new.

Mommy said...

I'm sorry I don't comment more on your blog...I do read EVERY post. I PROMISE!!