Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flowers and Stuff

It's Tuesday

E's school is having their "friendship feast" today.  I'm annoyed, the teachers are annoyed, half the parents are annoyed.  We were told that there would be no "FF" this year because there was no half day.  Then a few weeks ago, they announced that it would be today.  Why they don't think Thanksgiving is a Holiday, nobody knows.  Why they don't consider their own day of thanksgiving part of celebrating the Holidays...Nobody knows.  But here it is.  They are wasting most of a full day with their feast...oh and a kid in E's class has a birthday thing today....yeah, SO not wasting E's day by sending him.

It's after 9 and the kids are still asleep...Woohoo!  Today is the first day in a long time that I haven't woken up with atleast 1 if not 2 kids in my bed.  I think they wake up when the hubby leaves for work.  I think they were tired.  Especially E.  KennaKat slept through the entire meeting last night on my lap...I enjoyed it.  It's rare that I get to cuddle her for that long, as the kids get older, the cuddle time gets lower :(

So I'm trying to plan a few fun things to do with the kids while E is out of school.  So far I've only got Go to the Library for story time, and build terrariums out of these glass apple juice jars I thought were too awesome to throw away.  I tried to get the supplies yesterday at Lowes and a garden store down across from E's school, but so far my search has been in vane.  I want to get E cool plants like the venus fly trap and a pitcher plant, but so far, no go.  KennaKat wants a flower, any flower, the girl is not picky.  And I think I might get a mini orchid for myself.

Here are the results of my nonproductive Saturday.

These 2 (above and below) will be made into headbands for KennaKat

Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!
It ends on Friday.
Also, search the web for cool ideas of something you'd like.
I'm always up for a challenge and new ideas!

Alrighty, if I don't go shower now, 
we'll never make it out of the house today.
Have  a lovely day everyone!!


Heidi S. said...

Hey girl - i tried to comment the other night but the "post a comment" option wasn't there? So anyways here's my post: I would love to own a very special one of a kind "Flower by Katie M."! Also i looked at the family photos - AMAZING! They're sooo cute! You guys did a great job as well as the photographer - she's great!

Jane said...

here I am signing up.....loved all of it.