Monday, March 7, 2011



It's true, sickness doth enter this house once more.

At 3am Buddy calls out to me "Mommy!". "Yes?" I reply.  "I threw up in my bed." {Noooooo!} "Ok I'm coming, go to the bathroom...."

I don't know why it always happens at 3am or why it's always on a night that I stay up way later than usual but there it is.

Since 3am he and I have been hanging out on the couch making frequent runs to the bathroom.  Puke bowl in tow.

B came home from work early with the same thing.  He wasn't feeling well when he left at 4 this morning but figured it was just from hearing Buddy.  So 2 down, 2 to go.  yay.  Kittycat is complaining that her tummy is hurting too, so now I'm counting down the minutes.

Today, I had the goal of getting my house in order, now it's just me trying to sanitize things they touch and clean the bedding and linen that has been contaminated.

I have the goal of turning my bathroom into a nice oasis by the time it's my turn.  The last time I got the bug, I was fully prepared.  I had 'de-contaminated' the bathroom from when the rest of the family was sick.  Put down fresh thick towels for me to lay on.  Put out nice candles.  Clean puke bowl.  I also brought in the portable dvd player and my stack of chick flicks.  Locked the door, pulled back the hair, left the hubby to watch the kids and spent the next 8- ish hours in my tiny bathroom, as comfortable as possible during this my uncomfortable time.

Hope this blog finds you sick free and enjoying the chilly but beautiful day!


Mommy said...

Katie, I am SO SORRY!! We are battling head colds but thats much easier that stomach stuff...I'm sending happy, healthy thoughts your way dear!!


lovinmesomeKFC said...

Oh no! NOT AGAIN! I thought it funny though that you are now a 'pro' at the whole stomach bug process! Hope the rest of yall don't get it!

Jane said...

What in the world? My friend in Atlanta is going through the same thing -this time she has escaped so far but isn't holding out too much hope that she will truly avoid what everyone else in the house has. So sorry -

Marlan said...

More than half of the people at the get together at Sara and Grays have the stomach bug. Curse the one who brought it to the game.

Katie said...

Yeah I finished up my puking and such about 9 or so last night. Now I have a pounding headache and that weird feeling you get in your stomach the day after a stomach bug. =/

Speckled Kat said...

Sorry you got it Katie.
I know who brought the germs. If I had remembered, I would not have let Brandon and the kids go over there. But the day was so busy and I wanted B to have fun so I forgot. Darn my mommy brain!!!
Hope you guys feel better soon Jen! Alex's spring break starts next week and I'd like to get our boys together!