Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cats Cradle

I'm super excited about 2 shows coming to the Cradle.

Cradle Title

First to come is Eisley on Wednesday, April 27.  Eisley is a very talented sibling band that's been around for a few years.  I like the idea of touring siblings and I love that they have clean music.

Second is Sondre Lerche.  He's a very talented musician and you may remember him from the movie Dan in Real Life with Steve Carell.  Sondre wrote all of the songs for that film.  I love his music and he's coming to the cradle, and I'm stoked!  He's performing on Thursday, June 9th.  Those tickets will be selling like hotcakes I'm sure.
Sondre Bio
So who wants to join me for a night out?  If you don't know of their music, that's ok, you'll still have fun.  Let me know and purchase your ticket asap :)


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Jane said...

Sounds great - hope you have fun. Did you post the dates anywhere?

Jane said...

Oops - yes you did. :)

Marlan said...

would love to join you for the show in June. let me know love

Jessi said...

Awesome! Laura and I saw Eisley at Cat's Cradle a few years ago and we LOVED it. We got a picture with them too. Very sweet & talented girls. And I LOVE Sondre Lerche! A friend and I sang a duet song of his together a year or so ago. So fun. He is wonderful. I would love to see him live. Have fun!!! :D