Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Watching Lani

Watching Lani

We had the opportunity to watch Lani a few weeks ago.  I was very excited because we hardly ever see her.  Bri had to work so Lani visited NC for a few days.  Nani dropped Lani off and went to work.  Initially Lani was a little hesitant and shy with us.  And when Nani left she started to cry....for 5 seconds.

~~She got over it and we started to play.~~

The cousins had a lot of fun together, I again, didn’t put my camera to good use.

But here they are peaking out the window…

Come back Soon Lani!


Jane said...

How sweet - I know Kenna enjoyed having her so much. Nothing like cousins.

Jessica said...

wow sis