Wednesday, March 2, 2011

E Farm

Tuesday, Heather got up a group to tour E Farm.  E Farm is a little goat farm in Bahama/Rougemont.  The owner of the farm actually hosts dinners a Saturday a month on his farm house porch during the warm season.  They get a different local chef to come out and cook up some tasty local foods.  I would looove to try it some time.  

The owner also hosts tours of the farm to groups that are interested.  The fee is $5 per person.  After hearing about the ages in our group, he changed it to just charging the adults, and after giving us the young child friendly, crazy run free tour, he didn't charge any of us anything.  A very kind man.

The tour started off in the cheese house.  He was in the process of making Goat Cheddar Cheese.  I was REALLY hoping to buy some, but I don't think any was ready as of yet.  Guess I'll just have to visit his stand at the Farmers Market in a few months.

He then showed the kids the chicken eggs from that morning

Next came the goats, they were excited!

We all brought crackers and the kids fed the goats

 Jen even got to hold a baby goat!  It was only 3 days old!!
{She recommended the name Jennifer, I think it's the perfect fit}

 Kittycat and Biscuit were the most into wanting to hold and touch each 
and every furry cuddly animal on the farm

One of the sweet old dogs they have on the farm.  Kittycat loves little dogs, and this doggy was a sweety!

Biscuit loved her too!

 Going to visit the chickens

Run chickens RUN!

Kittycat was trying SO hard to pick up a chicken

Run chicken!

Done with the chickens now off to the bunny house.

----Didn't get any good shots in the bunny house.----

Last stop, DUCKS!

"Little teeny tiny baby duckies" -as Kittycat called them

Boy was looking really cute playing with the metal goats, but when I got ready for a shot, he moved.
I asked him to pose and he was most obliging.

Sawman on the stump

Kittycat on the stump.

It was such a pretty day, we picnic'ed on the farm.

Here are T and L after lunch getting in their tummy time.

More pictures were taken of all the kiddies, but these are the least fuzzy.
I really need to clean the lens --lots of tiny finger prints live there.
Can't wait to see the shots the other mommies got!

Thank you E Farm for entertaining our crazy kids on a beautiful early spring day!
I hope to return some day soon :)


Marlan said...

looks like everyone had a great time. Would love to eat there also. I think Heidi and Brad did last summer.

Jane said...

I definitely want to eat there - it's pricey but I've heard it's worth it. I know Matt went with Jen and Tony one time. Let's make it a plan!!!!! Dwight might enjoy it too. OR we could just do girls night. You know - half the price!