Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{My 2 creations in February}

January 1st, friends of ours and best friends to Bri and Nate unexpectedly and joyfully became parents to a beautiful baby boy.  They have wanted to adopt for a very long time and all of a sudden, they get a baby, that day!  So amazing how things work out. 

Special babies and special circumstances deserve special gifts.  I wanted to make him something special and the kids had already started a paper mache project, so I decided to turn that random paper mache ball sitting on our table into something special for this special baby.

Meet paper mache piggy bank.  The color theme in his room is Peachy/orange, brown, cream and green.  So I tried to incorporate that into the pig.  Making boy presents is hard when all you know how to do is “girly up things”.  I wish people would stick to having girls, I know how to make things girly, not so much on making things special for boys.  I guess I need more practice.

We went to his baby shower this past weekend in VA.  It was a short busy trip.  The shower was unusual.  It was for a very large group and made up of guys and ladies and kids.  The food was fantastic and in a large variety because everyone brought a dish.  The 8 hosts made cupcakes and there was a large area with a vast variety of delicious cute cupcakes.  
~My children’s favorite part~
  I was so stuffed I could hardly eat one.  Buddy ate 3 or 4 and Kittycat ate at least 2.  There was also music and dancing.  The party lasted much longer than we did.  We are SO OLD! 

Sunday, we visited Bri and Nate’s meeting.  They had the CO that week, so that was an added plus!  He gave great talks.  After the meeting, we rushed over to Lauren’s new place.  She just moved a few weeks ago, into an old house in downtown.  We had to have a quick tour because she had to leave in a few minutes for her own meeting.

{ A candid shot of Lauren as she opens the door.  I retook the shot, but I like this one best }

We LOVED her new place and are very happy for her and her room mates!


The next February project is an address plaque that I made for my dad and step mom.  Friday, I got a text from my step sister saying their 10 year anniversary is coming up this week.  It’s actually today, March 2.  Happy Anniversary, dad and L.  This weekend, we are all going out to eat to celebrate.  I’m thankful that they remembered me because I often get left out of their family events and it makes me sad.  No one told me about the 1 year surprise party they threw for S & S, and I would have loved to be there.  Any way, I wanted to make something for them and then the idea came to my mind....

{A mosaic address plaque}  

I have wanted to make one for myself for a long time, but I never make things for myself, so there ya go. 

They recently moved into a new house, and I haven’t seen it yet.  I have no idea what the color of the house is, or what their favorite colors are, so I chose things that I liked.

They will get their gift this Saturday.  I hope they like it!


Marlan said...

love the gifts. so creative

Katie said...

I always love your stuff! Such a creative mind!....and I can't believe you put that picture up of me! URGH! =p

Speckled Kat said...

Thanks Katie.
Hahaha loooove you!
To be honest, this one turned out better than the one you were ready was blurry and stuff :)

Jane said...

I love the gifts - I would love either one of them as a gift- not just because they are so pretty but because someone as special as you made them for me.

Katie - I LOVED the picture of you at the door - it said everything it needed to say! :)

Jessica said...

that's cool and tell Katie i say hi and see her when i come and i love you and miss you and everything sis