Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Presentation and Anniversary Party

 This past Saturday I went to dinner with my family, my dad and step mom just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary.  They chose to eat at Piazza Italia.  An Italian Restaurant in Bright Leaf Square.  I was thrilled that they chose that place because I had been wanting to eat there for a while now.  The restaurant makes their own pasta and sauces and sells them to go for you to make an home, they also have a nice Gelato bar.  Before I purchased their to-go yummies I wanted to try them out.  I had the squid ink linguine with Alfredo sauce.  Yumm!  It was a very nice evening, it looked like everyone had a good time.  If I had been a little less broke that night, I would have loved to try what my step sister in law Ari (that's what I like to call her -she's my step sister S's best friend who also happened to marry the brother of the guy S married just a few weeks apart) had and that was a yummy linguine dish with large shrimp, scallops, lobster, crab, in a creamy lobster sauce, I was sitting next to her and I wanted to drool, it smelled so yummy!  So yeah, if my husband happened to take me back to this place sometime to eat that dish, I would not mind one bit!  I had a good time and I'm glad they included me :)  And they loved the address plaque that I made for them, yay!

This is a shot of S....she's a professional photographer and so is Ari...they are much better at that than me so I left the picture taking to them :)

Today, Buddy went back to school.  I'm happy to have him back in school (he and Kittycat fought...a lot), but I miss B.  Monday he was sick, yesterday I cleaned like a mad woman (thanks to him for entertaining the kids so I could do so), and today, the house is clean and he's not here to hang out with me.  Fortunately he'll be home in an hour :)  -an added bonus of him getting home early :)  This morning, Buddy's class invited family to come and be taught by them.  They have been working on Reptiles for a while, and wanted to share what they have learned.  His teacher will be posting a video of their habitat presentation in a few days, I will share when she does.  Yes, my Kindergarten son made a habitat of a snake! How awesome is that?!?  They made paper mache snakes, a snake of their choice, Buddy chose a copperhead probably because he has learned so much about them from his Papa who has taught him a lot about nature during their many walks.  He's a very good Papa!  Buddy asks me questions about nature and sometimes I have to admit to him "I don't know" and he asks...."Why don't you know as much as papa does?  Papa knows A LOT about nature."....*sigh* "Because papa is smarter than me, older than me, and has read up a lot more on nature than I have. ok?".  This picture of the turtle on the wall is part of what they have been working on.  Last month, they made this HUGE paper mache turtle.  It's around 4 or 5 feet.  They even painted it to look like a yellow bellied slider, their class pet.  I love his school!  And I love his teacher for being into paper mache, I LOVE paper mache :)  I didn't get lots of pictures of this morning, while Buddy was talking about his habitat, I  made a video, and blogspot doesn't let me upload my videos.  So I'll find another way to share it, another day.

Here is a shot of Buddy, Kittycat, and Miguel (Buddy's bud at school...also his symbiotic friend, hehe) from this morning.


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Candi said...

Sounds like a great school! We're hoping Haylei got into a Charter school. We'll know by 3/14/11, can't wait!

Marlan said...

So sorry I missed it

Speckled Kat said...

I absolutely LOVE Charter schools Candi! I really hope Haylei gets in!! I remember the waiting and waiting that I did last year hoping Alex would get into his only have a few more days to wait! I'm hoping a few of our friends will get into Alex's school this year. I think they have to wait until sometime in April to find out, the anticipation is killing me!! :)