Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dance class with Kai

Dance class with Kai

It was 'bring a friend day' again at Kai’s gym.  This season she is taking dance rather than gymnastics and we were again invited to join in the fun.

Kittycat was very excited and again, I was impressed at her listening ability and her eagerness to follow directions and learn different things.

The class is separated into 3 lessons.  Tap, Ballet, and then Gymnastics.
It's a good idea because it keeps short attention spans on track.
Here they are beginning the gymnastics part.

The giggly friends had a blast at Panera for lunch.  I think after we left, the noise level dropped significantly….

Thanks HC and Kai for inviting us!!


Marlan said...

what fun

Katie said...

I've heard you mention Kaile a few times but not sure who she is...

Speckled Kat said...

Bryan and Heather Catlin's little girl. :)

Jessica said...

cool when they went dancing over there love it sis