Friday, March 11, 2011

Not Your Usual FlashCards

{Not Your Usual FlashCards}

I've been trying to think of 'different' ways to make learning fun for my son.

He's a "full body learner" meaning he learns best when he can see and touch what he learns.

At the end of the last quarter, he was showing signs that he was still struggling with letters and numbers so his teacher suggested that he is possibly a full body learner and that we should practice at home with things he can touch.  She suggested writing letters and numbers in sand and also making them with playdough.  He has really enjoyed those things.  After just doing her suggestion 2 or 3 times he showed significant improvement.  But doing playdough and sugar (we opted for sweet rather than salty) a lot I'm kind of tired of them.  

I had been meaning to make flashcards for a while now and today I got an idea.  Not your normal flashcards.  I gathered all of my scrap items and got to work.  I cut lots of scrap cardstock into 4x6 and made number cards.  1-30. I then glued on various items for different quantities.  They are things he can touch while counting.  I wrote the numbers on the back so that he can check his answers afterwards.  I plan to use them in many different ways.  One way would be to just let him count on his own.  Another way would be for me to show him the number and he can draw on paper that many objects.  Another way is for him to count the pieces and then write his number on another paper.  I still plan to use the other effective ways, but thought this would be fun too.

It had been a struggle in the past to motivate him to practice learning at home -once he started school, he felt that he should only do "learning things" at school, NOT at home.  So getting him to practice was like pulling teeth.  So, how do I get him to do it? You ask.  Bribery my friend.  Yep, I said it.  Bribery.  For every time he practices numbers, letters, or reads a book to me or B, he gets a check.  After 7 checks in a row he gets a buckerooney.  Those categories were added to his chore chart and I must confess, I currently owe him money.....

He loves the cards and so does kenna, who is already counting to 30 splendidly.

His teacher told me a few weeks ago how impressed she was with his progress and how well he is reading and remembering how to write all of his numbers...YES!  He went from struggling with the basics to doing excellently in just a handful of weeks!...and no, we still don't practice every day.  His break starts next week and I plan on doing lots of practice every. single. day...I need to start saving my pennies I guess.... 

Here's what our colorful textured unusual flashcards look like:




Jane said...

You are so smart and talented - you make me proud I know you. Good Mommy.

Marlan said...

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! So very creative. Love you so much!!