Thursday, September 1, 2011


In my most humble, unbiased opinion, my children are my favorite artists.
Of course every mother feels that way about what their children do.
It makes me feel all warm and smiley inside.
Enjoy a piece of what they made today...

KennaKat's painting of Mommy
She's getting really good at painting and writing her name :)

Ethylwolfe's painting of Batman fighting evil giant robot pens...

Ethylwolfe is fighting his first cold of the school year, this week.  
It's really not bad AT.ALL.  
He's had a random cough for a few days.  
And this morning, he said his throat was hurting.  

Really, I would have sent him to school except, I could tell he needed a day off and his teacher is away on a family emergency all week, so I knew he wouldn't be missing much.

I think the cough lasted until 8:30am (having nothing to do with the fact that that's when school starts I'm sure).  I'll sporadically mention "hey that cough of yours is gone, you must be feeling better!" walk away and then a few seconds later, I'll hear him cough.

It's funny.
Reminds me of when I was faking sick or trying to make my symptoms seem worse than they were when I was a kid.  I remember thinking 'if I try really hard, I can make this thermometer read hotter than I really am'.

I laugh.  
I love having kids.  
And realizing that when I thought I was really awesome at fooling my parents, 
they could read right through my very obvious sick faking fakiness.

I'm enjoying this fake cold while I can...there's a stomach bug floating around the class 
and I'm really hoping we don't get it!

The kids have been playing really well together all day, I think they both needed a day off.

Happy Thursday...Hey, It's September!...Wow, that came quickly!


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Beautiful job!!! I'm super impressed! Hunter is 3 and can barely draw a circle :)