Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What's $35 to me?

A new oven door, that's what!

After scouring craigslist and contemplating buying a new oven, we decided to check around for an oven door, since the rest of the oven worked fine...waste not, want not, right?

Replacing one from the manufacturer would cost us upwards of $500...uh no!  
Replacing just the glass was $75 + shipping....

So, I called around to local appliance repair stores and found a guy that said to bring in the door and he would try to help me out.

So I did, and he did!

And now we have a new oven door, that's in better shape than our previous one...
this one has a handle...

Hubby broke our old one a long time ago :)

I'm happy, hubby's happy, kids are happy 
{the thought of no freshly baked cookies depressed them and me too}
And our bank account is happy.

Let's call it a happy day!