Friday, September 9, 2011

My girly

I thoroughly enjoy my alone time with my girly.
She calls us best girls.
We spend most of our alone time together.
Playing, talking, making stuff, giggling, and cuddling.

This is what she painted yesterday.
I love it.
It's of herself as a baby with her little kitten.

Sometimes I get a little bit of quiet...

The other day she said "Mommy, I Love you!"
I said "I love you too!"
then she asked "Do you love me when you spank my butt?"
I said "Yes!  I love you always, even when I spank your butt!"
and she said "That's weird..."


Candi said...

Aww! Have you seen that book "Mommy Do you love me?" Here's a link...we borrowed it from the library last's so cute! Aren't you glad to have a daughter? My Granny always wanted a daughter, she only had 7 sons.

Nessa said...

that was so cute! Even though I don't have kids I imagine having a little girl would be the best :)

Marlan said...

so very sweet. I love you both.

jessB said...

That is too funny. So cute :)