Friday, September 2, 2011


I LOVE oil painting, it is one of the most peaceful things that I do.  
When I do it, I get in the zone, in my head I hear Mozart and Beethoven and I transfer to another place, a beautiful place where every line and smudge and mixture of color is wonderful in it's own way, and all is happy and fun.

My first Painting for MYSELF!
A replica of O'Keeffe's Poppy
One of my most favorite pictures

The Eiffel Tower for Bri
To say she has a love for the Eiffel Tower is an understatement
And I was happy to paint this beautiful structure for her
One day, I'll paint one for myself because I love it a lot too!

My first experience with oil painting.
I painted this for M&G's 28th Anniversary 8 years ago
I didn't use a single brush, I did it with Palette knives, it was a lot of fun, and started my obsession

Here's something I painted, but it's not oil, just wall paint
The Eiffel tower for Deli's room, painted just over 2 years ago

I need to get my butt up there and paint AJ's tree in her purple room before she is born :)

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