Friday, September 2, 2011


Cake making is something that I stumbled upon a few years ago.
A friend asked me to help her with her graduation party and I said sure.
She mentioned that she wanted a cake but didn't know who to ask, and I said
"I can do it!"
She asked if I had ever decorated a big cake before, NO, but I know I can do it!
So I decorated the place for her Luau Party and made a Luau themed cake, it was fun, and the rest is history!

Here are a few that I have made...

The Luau Cake for LissaLou

First Pregnancy cake for Bri

Lingerie Cake

Baby Bump cake for Amy

Lingerie cake for Jessi

Super Woman Lingerie Cake for Sarah
I've thought about taking a class and learning the "proper" way to decorate and make cool flowers and stuff, but what's the fun in that??
Dabbling and learning along the way is too much fun for this happenstance girl!


Jessi B said...

yaaaaaaay! Mine's the best!!! Teehee. Thanks again!!! It was gorgeous and YUMMY :D

Candi said...

LOVE those!!! I'll be emailing you for directions!