Monday, September 5, 2011

What is up with...

What is up with...

1.  Bellybutton fuzz
I was laying in bed trying to sleep, when for some unknown reason, my hand traveled to my bellybutton and discovered a random funky something all cozy inside.  Bellybutton gunk or fuzz has got to be the most random thing ever.
2.  The ticking sound I hear
Lately when I use the computer, I hear a faint ticking sound somewhere close by.  I've searched and searched and can find no clock or watch or solution to this random tick-tocking.  Maybe it's a bomb, or maybe I'm losing my mind...
3.  People that stand too close behind you in line
I seem to possess this annoying ability to make anyone who is standing behind me in line, to invade my personal space to 19th degree.  I've recently experienced 2 different people hovering next to me in line, sometimes to the point of contact.  And every time I tried to inch forward they would too.  Once for 45 minutes I had a girl either standing shoulder to shoulder with me or if I made it in-front, she basically had her face in my hair.  Then while waiting to place an order at the food court, this man was hovering so close, that I couldn't move and every time I did, he would move forward and bump into me.  He hovered behind me.  Then when I stepped up to order, he stepped up too and was  He even missed the next open cashier because he was too busy hovering.  Then when he realized he had been skipped, he stood in between the 2 registers with a very confused expression.  People are weird and some shouldn't be allowed out of the house without knowing the personal space rules.  {Envision a bubble around every body, do not enter that bubble realm unless invited.  And another thing, when having a conversation with someone, do not get so close in their face that you can only see their pupils and miss all of the facial and hand gestures, unless you are whispering, then you should look at their ear.}  Learn these rules and you will go far my friend.
4.  Ringing in your ear
Don't you hate it when you get that annoying ringing in your ear?  It's so random and annoying and sometimes slightly painful.
5.  Tiny closets
Our house has a very low quantity of closets contained inside of it.  To make matters worse, the closets that it does possess are annoyingly tiny.  Thus making our cluttery-pack-rat habits much more noticeable.


Marlan said...

such random thoughts LOL

Jane said...


Candi said...

are you experiencing PMS? these are posts I write about when I'm going hormonally nutso. But I love it. So I'll answer you...yes, but bellybutton fuzz is more fun to pick out of your hubby's navel...I have had constant high frequency "ringing" in my ears since I went to a NKOTB concert 3 years ago next month, yes I find it annoying and painful...and sorry, I'm a space-invader...guilty.