Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gone with the wind {the movie}

Over the last two nights, I sat down and watched Gone with the Wind.

I love comparing movies to books.

Before I read the book, I thought, wow, this movie covers a lot.  Then after reading the book, I thought, yeah, the movie got the gist of it.  But now, after re-watching the movie, with the book fresh in my mind, I'm feeling a little disappointed.  I mean, the movie was great, but it was so Hollywood and left out so much.  I'm not trying to bash it here, it was made for its time, and I still love it but...

I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of this movie, maybe in a miniseries so they can introduce all of the characters that were left out and give it the proper awareness of time {the book covered 12 years}.  They could also develop Scarlett and Rhet's friendship more.

Also, in my previous post, I said that they didn't add things in the movie, well, I was wrong.  They were minuscule compared to some other book to movie productions, but still, they added, and I always feel that that is unnecessary.

I also said before that Clark Gable was perfect for his role, but I will be mean now and say that after reading the book, he looks too old, rough, and scrawny for Rhett.  There were other characters that I felt didn't fit their book descriptions as well.

All in all, they did a fine job, but I was left wanting more and am hoping one day to see an awesome{er} remake...  I don't think they'll be able to find a better Scarlett though.

Ok, so I'm done with this book.  Marlan lent me her grandmother's copy of Desirée so that will be my next book adventure, they also made a movie of that, so I look forward to comparing :)

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