Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Kris & Pat are about to celebrate their 3rd Anniversary!

I feel like it crept up on me, for a while it was summer and fall just felt so far away, then the other day it hit me, August is almost OVER!  When did that happen???
The days are getting cooler {thankfully}one day I might get to wear a sweater in the morning, the nights are slowly getting darker sooner.  Leaves will begin to fall on their own, {not because a hurricane wripped them off}  Our yard looks like someone sprinkled debris confetti all over it.

Hubby turned 29 today, one year till officially being an Old Man :)
I'll be turning 27 tomorrow, no big deal, I actually look forward to my 30's

So back to my original train of thought, 
knowing that K&P were married on Labor Day weekend, doesn't help in figuring out what day their Anniversary falls on.  In order to find out the number of years and day my math equation is as follows...
What day was I married on?  = Sep 27
Sep 27 minus exactly 3 weeks = Sep 6
How many years will I be married? = 8
They were married 5 years after us so...
8-5= 3

So thus I have fathomed that on September 6 it will be their 3rd Anniversary!

That took a lot of effort.

The next step...what to get them??
The original thought, months ago was to get them a table and chair set for their patio.
But I missed out on a great deal and have found 0 in every store I check.
Then what?
Easy, go to World Market, they love that store.
Ok, now that I'm at World Market?  What do I get them?
I found nothing!
Ok, how about Pier 1?
Home Goods?

Oh great, well, how about I make something?
Like a mosaic?!?
Hand made is cool right?

So off to Michaels I rushed and after searching and searching, could not find a single print of my favorite Van Gogh painting...Cafe Terrace.  I did find Starry Night, my second Fave but I wanted what I wanted so I decided to do one more desperate search before giving up.
Much to my happiness, I then found 3 prints!!
Then I had to find a frame....
Poor KennaKat, it was a long day for her, but she was a good trooper!

After gathering all needed supplies, I rushed home and started my project, very excited that I found the print that I wanted!

I made it on Friday and rushed to finish it because I knew we'd be seeing them on Saturday and then we could surprise them before their official Anniversary.

After finishing it, I fell in love, I think it's my favorite mosaic so far.  Partly because it's my favorite all time painting, and partly because it's a rainbow.
NOT the intended color spectrum, but it just happened, and I love rainbows.
I thought about greedily keeping it for myself...more than once.
But no, giving is better than coveting something you made for someone else, so giving is what I did...

I hope they love it, if not, returns are accepted, 
It would look fabulous against my chocolate brown walls :)

{Only complaint is that I used a new brand of spray sealer and it sucked!  So one day I will go over and spray with a brand that I like and make it look a little better...one day}

One day I would like to feel completely confident about giving something hand made.
I always worry, Will they like it?  Does it look bad?  Will it look good in their house?
I guess that's just how it goes, in the new system, I can have confidence, until then, I'll just stick with butterflies in my stomach and a queasy feeling.


Kandace said...

Love it! You are very talented.

Jessi Brown said...

I still think you should sell mosaics on Etsy. I would buy one. I love Katie's mirror.....*cough......

MKWalters said...

I saw close up an in person and it was great! I agree with Jessi! SELL THEM!

Candi said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! If they don't want it, I'll take it! Just kidding, I'm sure they will love it too. My question is, just how big is it??? I was trying to guesstimate the size based on the size of the corks and the bottle caps...it looks HUGE!

Marlan said...

It looks fabulous in their house. They have it on the wall in the dining area to be enjoyed every time they eat.

Speckled Kat said...

You guys are such a great support system, full of commendation, makes me feel great! Thanks!
Candi, the picture is 11x14 and the border is about 3 inches wide. I need to learn how to make my own frames because I'd love to have them 5 or 6 inches wide, but those are hard to find.