Saturday, August 27, 2011

a break from the computer

It has been over a week since my last blog and it was not on purpose.

In fact, a lot of cool things happened that I wanted to blog about.

Like Kris's sister Kelly married Seth and I was there to see it and help out.  It was beautiful.  I didn't stick around long because I had to race home to meet the hubster...

He and I went to see Archers of Loaf perform at the Cradle!!!  
I was completely exhausted and they didn't come on stage until after 11, we got there when the doors opened to get seats, and yes, it's official we are old, especially because at the cradle they don't have "seats" but rather a bench that stretches along one wall and partly on another.  The show didn't start for over an hour and we sat there, laying claim to our seats.  I'm days away from turning 27 and I'm declaring myself an old lady.  Ok, I've said that for years, so I guess I'll call myself a seasoned old person now.  But old as I may be, the show was amazing, I loved it, I stood on the bleachers belting out every song, jumping up and down and swaying back and forth.  I'm so glad they did the reunion tour as I was 12 when the group broke up and never saw them live. (Did see Eric Bachman once with Crooked Fingers, he's awesome).  It was pretty hilarious seeing them perform, as they are all around 50, they were exhausted after the second song, but they rocked it and it was awesome!  The crowd varied in age from old die hard fans to the younger, second hand fans.  They did 2 encores  it was great!

Saturday was the port and poetry party, we had a BLAST, lots of laughs, lots of wonderful poems, lots of lovely ladies.

Then the week was filled with much running around.

Highlights are:

KennaKat finally got her Rapunzel doll...

We spent the last Tuesday at the pool with the new Kindergartners before they started school on Thursday and Friday... 

There was an earthquake, we didn't feel it because we were at the pool and the kids were running around on the deck so much that we couldn't tell one shake from another.  I do know that my stomach got butterflies in it and chills ran through my whole body, but I didn't know why until I heard later what happened.  It woke B up from his nap...that never happens ;)

Ehtylwolfe turned ~6~ years old!  I know, I know, 6 years old!!!  He did a count down all month and was so happy when it came.  I gave him a house key because he's now old enough to have that responsibility.  He was thrilled!

I didn't get to blog about any of that because the computer crashed.  I call it my fault, but really, I don't know what happened.  Hubster and I were wrestling and teasing each other while he was trying to finish a game of solitaire when I got out of his grasp, pushed the power button on the computer and ran out of the room while celebrating my triumph.  It took a long time for it to turn off, later when hubster tried to turn it back on, it had crashed.  So technically, I am the one that pushed the button, but that's all I did, pushed a button.  Something else was wrong with it but we aren't sure what.

The hubster has spent a lot of time trying to repair it.  The pictures were deleted.  He spent most of his time trying to get them back.  Most of them were recovered, so I wont whine, but it is sad that some will be lost forever.  Then yesterday, it crashed again, the entire thing was wiped.  Thankfully, my pictures were transferred to the portable hard drive before that happened.

Hurricane Irene is here, I always get really excited about big powerful storms.  It rained all night and was windy, I woke up this morning, eager to find out what the damage was.  Lots of branches are down and a small tree fell in our back yard.  No biggie.  She's still in the state though.  A few more hours left and lots of wind, so who knows.  The power is out all over town.  That hasn't happened here yet.  Hopefully it wont, I hate when the power goes out and I'm in desperate need of a shower.

We're about to go to a party for a friend who is entering her 20th year of full time service to Jehovah!  It's special to me because aside from her always going on camping trips with our family and being a very fun person, she stayed with us at our house during pioneer school!  I remember having to be quiet when she and the other girl were there.  Bringing dinner and snacks in to them while they were studying.  Having my brother sleep in my room...ok, so not all memories were fond ones.  I'm so proud of her and to say I know her!  I'm looking forward to tonight.

I also made another mosaic, I can't wait to show it, but I have to give it away before I post pictures.

Tomorrow, a brother from Brooklyn Bethel is coming to give a talk at our hall...I hope they didn't cancel because of the hurricane.  He's in a Portuguese congregation so I'm anxious to meet him and see how many of our friends from Bethel he knows. 


Jane said...

Wow - you have had a busy week. Would love to see pictures (if you were able to save those) of everything. Hate that you had the problems with your computer. You don't realize how much you depend on it until you don't have it. Have fun tonight - hate that I'm going to miss it.

Candi said...

Fun busy week! Haylei is obsessed with Rapunzel and I've been thinking of having a party for her friends to watch the movie AGAIN and eat cake. We'll see. I too love storms. I don't like the death tolls and damage they leave behind, but I feel excited about them. My fave movies are Twister, Day after Tomorrow...I think it's because we are so anxious for Armageddon. I'll just keep telling myself that. Can't wait to hear about the Portuguese brother. We had a brother from China a few weeks ago, but were out of town. They said he was awesome.